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A direct pathway for youth to play professionally, home or abroad

For youth competitive players who want additional training that does not compete with their current soccer clubs (club-neutral).  Supplemental tool for player development that merges a private session feel, with applicable game situations.

-Every other Monday & every Friday for 60 minutes between 5:00pm-8:30pm (depending on birth year) in Mesa & Gilbert area with our Professional Futsal Staff Members

1 player is $180 per month

2 players is $115 per month (sibling discount)

*The Academy program is a minimum of a 3-month commitment to participate in training. To play in tournaments and matches you must register for the season, which is a 12-month commitment

Added benefits for Academy players...

-50% off on camps

- Participate in some of the best Futsal Tournaments in the country

-Monday night leagues for free when cycle is in session (starts May 1st)

-Free entry to Brusa FC Home Pro Men's matches (seasonal)

-1 free private session per month

*Make sure to use, private session doesn't carry over to next month

-Visit to purchase the uniform kit for training and more.

-Required for training are the "Team Rise Jersey" & "Team Rise Short"

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